10 – 12 years:

In our eldest group we concentrate on, investigate and interpret individual books for longer periods. By working through from famous classics, to books made into theatre and finally reaching an introduction to Shakespeare, we continue to encourage and nurture the students’ life long love for books.

During these classes we can start to build more on technique, individual style and finding each students creative strong points; whilst also working on areas where they may not be so confident. By continuing to use our method of ensuring that students are part of the whole creative process we continue to generate all round, well balanced creative minds.

In this final group of the Bookworms, we begin to work more closely with scripts and character development, delving into the world of emotions and feelings. We work on projection and vocal control, and we concentrate on performance techniques.

The students begin to broaden their life skills, improving in reflective thinking, offering and seeking support, and progressing in independent learning.